Middleborough: Proposed Warehouse Complex Threatens 78 Acres of Forest, Rare Wildlife, Indigenous History

  Katherine Harrelson  Aquifer

Attend the Middleboro Planning Board Public Hearing on October 3, 2023 at 6:45 p.m., Selectboard Meeting Room, Town Hall, 10 Nickerson Ave.

The project requires a “Special Permit” under the Town of Middleboro Zoning Bylaws, Section 8.3 “Development Opportunities District” (DOD). This is for three warehouse buildings totaling 672,800 square feet with associated infrastructure on a 150 acre lot, including an access driveway, to be constructed in an easement area, across a 73 acre lot, connecting to Harding Street-State Route 44. This is a zoning law that is adopted under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A, Section 9 and the Planning Board has to follow those procedures and the Special Permit rules of Middleboro.

The Special Permit application from June 26, 2023 is here.

The Subdivision Plans are here.

Check out the Town’s website Latest News for filings also.

Below are two parts of the Middleboro Zoning Bylaw Section 8.3 (DOD) and Section 9 that the developer has to comply with in order to get a special permit from the Planning Board. The Planning Board has to hold a public hearing on the special permit. If the permit is issued it can be appealed to court by abutters or “persons aggrieved” by the permit.

Current aerial view of the site, May 2023

June, 2023: Lincoln Logistics is proposing to build a 78-acre industrial warehouse complex at the site of contiguous forest, wetlands, streams, and a vernal pool. The proposal includes three warehouses with a combined area of 672,800 square feet with 173 loading docks and 679 parking spaces. Why are we tearing down our woods, forest, and natural heritage to build warehouses?

Read the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) here:


  • The entire site is NHESP Priority Habitat for Rare Species
  • The majority of the site is mapped as Prime Forest Land, with areas of state-wide and local importance
  • Part of the site sits atop a medium-yield aquifer
  • There is a certified vernal pool in the center of the property
  • The site contains Indigenous history
  • The site has been the focus of conservation efforts for years

By July 24, 2023 over 200 letters were sent commenting on the developer’s MEPA environmental impact for the Lincoln Logistics project.

July 31, 2023: MEPA denied the certificate, citing several ways in which the project was non-compliant with MEPA law. However, the applicant will submitting a supplemental DEIR to make up the descrepancies.

Read the decision here:

Below is a schedule of regulatory steps for the project. At each stage, the public has the opportunity to participate. Some of the permits require a public hearing.

Take Action! Help this community stop this destructive project!

1 thought on “Middleborough: Proposed Warehouse Complex Threatens 78 Acres of Forest, Rare Wildlife, Indigenous History

  1. Add a lifelong resident I find this distressing. That area has been protected for many many years. It contains more life than the town does residents.
    If this is allowed to happen it will be detrimental to the history, the eco system and this town in general. Say no!

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