Plymouth: AD Makepeace’s Redbrook Development threatens Deer Pond

  Katherine Harrelson  AD Makepeace

  Town issues illegal wetlands permit, Makepeace violated wetlands law says CLWC appeal to state DEP AD Makepeace continues reckless development at Redbrook, threatening more wetlands, forests, Indigenous history, biodiversity […]

Carver: Read Custom Soils: “Cranberry” Bait & Switch?

  Katherine Harrelson  AD Makepeace

On Federal Road in Carver, AD Makepeace Co. runs Read Custom Soils, a trucking terminal for its sand and gravel mining operations In 2012, Makepeace told the state Read was […]

Cranberry Agriculture? Residential Subdivision? Business Park? Or sand and gravel mine?

  CLwpBS  AD Makepeace

Pulling back the curtain on the sand and gravel industry in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Town boards and officials complicit in the schemes - whether its "cranberry agriculture" or a "subdivision road" that requires leveling the town's highest hill the operation on Route 44 in Carver -- it is a scam. This exposes our drinking water to contamination, destroys our forests and poisons people with cancer-causing silica dust.