Plymouth: A.D. Makepeace Co. proposes 2 miles of solar on stream in global biodiversity hotspot

  Meg Sheehan 

Solar gone wrong — again. A.D. Makepeace and its former executives at Renewable Energy Development Partners (REDP) have teamed up again for another bad idea for solar: two miles of “solar panel canopies installed over some two miles of agricultural canal in a remote section of Plymouth” according to the company’s September 18, 2023 Press Release. 

The project requires approval from the Plymouth Planning Board and Conservation Commission. The application for a wetlands permit is here. [how to upload?] copy is n google drive

About the project


What issues are raised by solar on farmland?

-experimental per DOER Technical Potential study 2023

Ancestral Lands of Wampanoag People TMUD called this all signficant archeolgoical land-link. Michelle article July 2023

Preferential tax law passed by the cranberry industry lobby in 2022 allows them to keep land in Chapter 61A and use it for industrial-commercial purposes

Violates zoning: it is zoned RA it is an industrial-commercial use

Who is REDP:

Other projects two with Makepeace-Charlotte Furnace Plymouth 50 acres of Priority Habitat destroyed by sand mining and solar

REDP Swan Holt Carver: CCA poles proposed, significant archeological site, clearing about 12 acres of forest to create farmland – inconsistent with SMART

REDP: Herring Pond solar in 2016 clearcut ancient Wampanoag land with ancient trails

REDP Gate Street Carver

REDP Rochester: no farm plan

About the Canning Site: former carverside bogs, dumped, request for enforcement to Plymouth BOH in 2022 no response, for dumping sludge, covered with bogs, ilelgal mining; also request to MassDEP Strike Force for investigation. Post here.

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