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May 8, 2022: Boston Globe Magazine: The Solar Conundrum: A Solar Battle in Sleepy Wareham is Pitting Environmentalists Against Each Other, by Emma Foehringer Merchant

June 6, 2021: Commonwealth Magazine: Solar Gone Wrong here


Shutebury, MA: My Turn: If a deal looks too good to be true, you can bet it is

September 8, 2021: Rochester, MA: Rochester must reject more ground-mounted solar

Rochester Wanderer September 9, 2021

Ahead of Greenfield Rally, climate activists warn against destroying forests, farmland for solar energy project

Greenfield rally to seek moratorium on large-scale solar projects

Honoring the Land Rally at the Energy Park

Hundreds gather to support environmental protections

MA Statewide Rally in Wareham: Honoring the Land

My Turn: Is solar a solution to the climate crisis?

My Turn: Large-scale solar moratorium urgently needed

Moratorium on State Subsidies for Ground Mounted Solar petition

Rally to protect forests from solar development Saturday in Wareham, Greenfield

Rally calls for halt on large-scale solar

Residents rally in Wareham to stop subsidizing solar projects that clear-cut woodlands

Solar gone wrong

July 31st No Clear Cutting for Solar event photo gallery


June 8, 2021

Op-ed in the Wareham Weekly written by Annie Hayes makes a compelling case regarding the shear amount of additional industrial solar projects that have been already approved for plans, approximately 1470 more acres in Wareham alone! Read more here.



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