Carver: 46 Federal Road/Read Custom Soils – Community Stands Up to Sand Mining in Front of the Zoning Board of Appeals

  Katherine Harrelson 

Carver Community Comes Together to Demand a Shut Down of Read Custom Soils

  • Carver Community voices its concerns to the Town about Read’s noise, dust, vibrations, and threats to drinking water from the sand mine at Makepeace’s Read Custom Soils, 46 Federal Road.
  • Carver Zoning Board of Appeals show bias towards mining company and postpones the final hearing until July 17. Please attend!
  • Learn what Carver residents can do in the meantime to protect their health and drinking water!

May 29, 2024: Carver residents and Community Land and Water Coalition go in front of the Carver Zoning Board of Appeals to demand a shut down of Read Custom Soils.

Watch the video of residents speaking about sand, noise and dust affecting their community from the sand mine here. 

Learn More About the Demand to Shut Down Read Custom Soils Here

Learn about Threats to the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer Here

Click Here to Write a Letter to the Carver Zoning Board of Appeals!

Carver Community Voices Its Concerns About Sand Mine in Their Neighborhood

Carver residents have sent in complaints and spoken at meetings of the Earth Removal Committee and the Select Board for years about the impact that the Read Custom Soils sand mine is having on their health, neighborhood, and local wildlife. After the Town refused to take action, Community Land and Water Coalition, on behalf of Carver residents, sent a demand for enforcement under the Bylaw to the Building Inspector to shut down Read Custom Soils. When the Building Inspector refused to act on behalf of residents, Community Land and Water Coalition brought the appeal all the way to the Carver Zoning Board of Appeals. The main grounds for the appeal are:

  • Bylaw violations: The sand mine never received a site plan review or special permit from the Planning Board
  • Expired permits: Three manufacturing buildings permitted for the site were never built
  • Zoning violations: Makepeace got the Town to zone one single lot for industrial use in a Residential/Agricultural district, but operates more than 12 sand mines within a XXXX radius of Federal Road; Makepeace also expands the sand mine at 46 Federal Road under agricultural permits, not mining permits.
  • Threats to drinking water: The sand mine is operating and removing the soil from a Water Resource Protection District.
  • The mine should be shut down until the Zoning violations are assessed.

Read Community Land and Water Coalition’s slides to learn more:

Carver Zoning Board of Appeals Shows Bias Towards Mining Company Over Its Own Residents

May 29, 2024: During the ZBA Hearing on Residents’ demand to shut down the sand mine, the ZBA was more concerned about protecting the interests of the sand mining company rather than protecting residents’ health.

  • ZBA tried to dismiss the case on legal technicalities; this tactic is commonly used to deter residents from participating in the public process.
  • ZBA prevented Community Land and Water Coalition from presenting its slides, cut off residents as they spoke, and told residents that they had already spoken on this issue when they had not.
  • ZBA puts off a decision on the shut down until July 17, leaving residents to deal with the noise, vibrations and threat to drinking water for two more months.

Here’s what Carver residents can do to keep fighting for their neighborhoods and clean drinking water!

Carver Residents! This is a process; to protect our neighborhoods we must come together as a community and keep demanding that the Town put residents’ safety and quality of life first and shut down Read Custom Soils. Here’s what you can do to protect your community:

Attend the Carver ZBA Hearing on July 17!

Document Your Concerns:

  • Take pictures of sand blowing off site from 46 Federal Road. Make sure pictures can be traced back to exact location, date and time.
  • Take detailed notes of excess noise, dust, and vibrations from the mine.
  • Keep logs of how many trucks you see in a day or in an hour coming out of Read Custom Soils. Their operating hours are XXX to XXX; take notes if you see any trucks coming or going outside of that time.

Click Here to Write a Letter to the Building Inspector About the Noise and Dust Violations at Read Custom Soils!

Open the link and add in your own name and address, and any details you would like to include. Download the file and send it to the building inspector, Rod Palmer, here. 

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