Wetlands aren’t mines! Fake claims of agricultural exemption to wetlands goes unchallenged — until now!

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Feb. 25, 2022 Foley Farms, 105 Rochester Road, silt flowing out into Weweantic River
Foley Farms runoff from mining operation Feb 25 2022, 105 Rochester Road, Carver MA

Industrial scale sand mining is devastating Southeastern Massachusetts. Vast deposits of globally rare “silica” sand laid down by the glacier are being stripped off for commercial sale. Often this is under the ruse of a cranberry bog project.

Up to a dozen mining operators are mining in groundwater or have mined into the ground water and filled it it, covering it with “cranberry bogs” or “solar projects.”

We are fighting to enforce the state’s Wetlands Protection Act to prevent sand mining from destroying our rivers. In most towns the law is being broken and conservation commissions let big mining operations claim and “agricultural exemption” from the wetlands laws.

Forests are being clearcut and silt is running off into the rivers. This drone footage of Foley Farms shows silt from a mining operation running off into the Weweantic River.

What is happening to our rivers, wetlands and Sole Source Aquifer?

Carver Conservation Commission public hearing February 16, 2022 hearing .

Industrial sand mining in wetlands violates the law and destroys our environment. Yet, local commissions and boards ignore wetlands laws and readily grant “agricultural exemptions” for mining operations.

Save the Pine Barrens is challenging these claims by mining companies that they are exempt from state and local wetlands laws.

#1 Eric & Elaine Weston

  $1.2 million of sand and gravel

In 2021, the Earth Removal Committee permitted this project based on 10 year old plans; Westons claim this is an exempt agricultural operation. They never applied to the Conservation Commission. Elaine Weston was the secretary for the Earth Removal Committee for years and was responsible for all the records and permits. Was this a conflict of interest? Eric and Elaine Weston own bogs and are related to Gary Weston, owner of the land being leased for the Carver Battery Bomb site off Craig Street.


Cedar Meadow Cranberry

Strip Mine & Solar & Cranberry Bog?

0 Rear Ward Street, Map 120, Lot 5

Borrego Solar planning a ground mounted system

Filed subdivision plans – April 2022

In 2021, the Carver Earth Removal Committee gave Pontiff a permit to mine in the last remnant of a rare Atlantic Cedar Swamp. This is BioMap 2 Critical Natural Landscape and near an Estimated Habitat of Rare Species in the area. The Ten Residents appeal is here:

Pontiff has an ongoing strip mining operation in South Plymouth near Great Sandy Pond. This ia 836,186 cubic yard strip mine under the ruse of a tail water recovery pond for cranberries. The Plymouth ZBA issued a strip mine permit in 2018 and renewed it for another 3 years in February 2021 without a public hearing. Documents are here. More to follow. Pontiff did earth mining in a wetlands.

2021: After: Pontiff’s ongoing strip mine on Big Sandy Pond in Plymouth. Plymouth ZBA granted permit extension in 2021 without a public hearing

# 3  Foley Farms, Jabez Bridge Road, Carver 


A cover for $1 million in sand & gravel; Carver Conservation Commission refuses to stop illegal project & Ten Residents appeal to state DEP. Will DEP act to protect our water?

Posing as a blueberry and cranberry farm, industrial mining company Foley Farms is expanding its mining operation by digging into a pond and expanding it to extract sand and gravel. In 2020, the Carver Earth Removal Committee gave a permit for a big strip mine that covered the neighborhood with dangerous silica sand. In 2021, the Earth Removal Committee gave a second permit to expand for another 40,000 cubic yards. The Conservation Commission gave an illegal waiver in 2021. Save the Pine Barrens is appealing the Conservation Commission’s failure to do its job. See the appeal here. This project is right on the Weweantic River.

Feb. 24 & 25, 2022: BREAKING: Foley polluting the Wewantic River with silt from mining & logging forest with no known logging plan

Pollution of Weweantic River from Foley mining operation 105 Rochester Road, Carver. No erosion control measures in place. Feb. 24, 2022

February 24, 2022: Foley Farms fake agricultural operation. Forest clearcut, Map 96, Lot 10. Drone footage by Highwinds.
This is industrial mining, not a “farm” and is not exempt from the Wetlands Protection Act
Feb. 24, 2022: Weweantic River downstream from Foley’s mining operation on Jabez Bridge Road/105 Rochester Road

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