Plymouth: Stop the Airport Expansion!

  Katherine Harrelson  Aquifer

The Plymouth Municipal Airport is located on South Meadow Road in West Plymouth and extends into Carver. The Airport is run by the Airport Commission. The Airport Commissioners propose an […]

Plymouth: AD Makepeace’s Redbrook Development threatens Deer Pond

  Katherine Harrelson  AD Makepeace

  Town issues illegal wetlands permit, Makepeace violated wetlands law says CLWC appeal to state DEP AD Makepeace continues reckless development at Redbrook, threatening more wetlands, forests, Indigenous history, biodiversity […]

Stop Logging Our Public Lands: Myles Standish State Forest

  Meg Sheehan 

Stop logging on public lands! Keep our trees standing and leave our forests alone for people and wildlife! The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Conservation and Recreation, gives out logging […]

Plymouth Conservation Commission: Whistleblowers

  CLwpBS  coastal plain ponds

This page documents the failure of the Conservation Commission to do its job. It repeatedly violates the Open Meeting Law and issues waivers and exemptions with no legitimate grounds. West […]