Carver: AD Makepeace-Borrego Solar 50-acre mining & solar site, Federal Road

  CLwpBS  59 federal road

Mass. Historical Commission signs off despite presence of Native American use and occupation of the land in the Late Woodland Period

State MEPA office rubber-stamps, ignores sand and gravel mining operation

Vast, unknown quantity of sand and gravel removed with no permit, no oversight by town, state or federal government regulators

AD Makepeace and Borrego Solar “Golden Field” solar project, Federal Road, Carver, Massachusetts. 50 acres of ground mounted solar out of 300 acres to date with another 190 acres planned in the same area. The site is within feet of a Golden Field Pond, designated by Massachusetts as a globally rare Priority Habitat for endangered species of plants and animals.

A vast unknown quantity of lucrative sand and gravel was mined from the site by Makepeace between 2016 and about 2019 to “prepare” the site for solar..

The mining operation is expanding to the north and west to excavate and sell over 4 million cubic yards, leveling an upland kame forest. There has been no biological survey to assess the status of the 220 plants and animals listed as special concern, threatened or endangered that are known to exist in this ecosystem.

This strip mine/solar site is one of 12 brought to us by Borrego Solar and AD Makepeace using ratepayer and taxpayer subsidies for “renewable energy” and “agriculture.”

Borrego Solar and AD Makepeace have been working together to site solar in this area for 10 years. The highest points of land were chosen to maximize the volume of earth that could be removed and sold for private profit.

The impacts on Native American cultural sites were not adequately studied by Mass Historical Commission.

This was allowed to pass Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) review without an environmental impact report.

Borrego Solar Golden Field Pond Solar Site, Carver MA 50 acres of strip mining of globally rare Pine Barrens habitat
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