Stop Logging Our Public Lands: Myles Standish State Forest

  Meg Sheehan 

Stop logging on public lands! Keep our trees standing and leave our forests alone for people and wildlife!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Conservation and Recreation, gives out logging contracts to private companies to clear-cut our state forests.  These lands belong to the public. Our trees should be left alone to grow.

In Southeastern Massachusetts, the DCR is implementing a 10 year plan to log in Myles Standish State Forest.  The state’s website page is here describing the logging jobs. The reasons they give – forest health – are not supported by current science. DCR burns the forest and clear cuts. They have never done an environmental impact statement on this plan. This is not sound “habitat restoration.”

Forests and soils sequester carbon and protect biodiversity. We should not be logging ou

Find out more from Save Massachusetts Forests. 

Take action on Forest Protection Bills on the Save Massachusetts Forests site.

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