Shutesbury, MA: NextEra ground-mounted solar causes erosion, water pollution

  CLwpBS  Shutesbury

In August 2021, the Shutesbury Conservation Commission issued a report on its annual site visit at the NextEra ground-mounted solar site. The Commission found many problems, including erosion, water pollution, failure to complete required environmental protection measures and more. The report is below.

Shutesbury MA NextEra solar site, 2021
Shutesbury MA NextEra solar site, 2021

NextEra’s website brags it is “the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy” with “945% total shareholder return over the last 15 years.” This big corporation cannot even prevent erosion and comply with the environmental standards of the Shutesbury Conservation Commission for protecting water and wetlands. The Shutebury project is a black mark on the company’s reputation. Clearly, all NextEra cares about is big profits for investors.

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