AD Makepeace: State MEPA office rubber-stamps AD Makepeace environmental impact report – again

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Continuing 15 years of complicity and turning a blind eye to AD Makepeace’s environmental destruction being done under the ruse of “smart growth” and “cranberry agriculture” on June 1, 2022 the state’s MEPA office rubber-stamped the company’s so-called “final environmental impact report” for its 6,000 acre “Tihonet Mixed Use Development” project. This lets Makepeace escape environmental review and lets the company off the hook for past and ongoing environmental destruction throughout its vast landholdings in Southeastern Massachusetts. Massive, illegal mining operations with thousands of trucks a week a running everywhere.

The Certificate is here with comments submitted by the public, Save the Pine Barrens, Jones River Watershed Association and Buzzards Bay Coalition.

MEPA let Makepeace off the hook for environmental review despite:

-Admitting Makepeace has failed to put all required land into conservation

-Failure to show compliance with the Mass Endangered Species Act

-Ongoing destruction of Native American cultural sites by illegal sand mining in Carver

-Evidence of illegal mining operations in Carver and Plymouth

-Evidence showing Makepeace plans more bait and switch by putting in more large industrial scale solar

The list goes on.

This is a massive failure by Governor Baker to implement the state’s environmental law that requires Makepeace to minimize, mitigate and seek alternatives to its destructive, illegal sand mining operations.

Secretary Card’s MEPA Certificate is a rubber-stamp cut and paste job, repeating the very inaccuracies and misrepresentations made by Makepeace in its’ March 2022 environmental impact report.

This is a genuine travesty of our environmental laws.

Grassroots activists and local residents are continuing to fight the corruption, incompetence and lack of transparency involved with the rubber stamp permits at every level for the cranberry industry running illegal sand mining operations and cutting down forests for industrial solar.

Save the Pine Barrens May 23, 2022 detailed analysis of AD Makepeace’s inaccurate environmental impact report and why the state should not have approved it is below or click here.

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