Rochester, MA: Cranberry company sues Ryco Excavating for digging too deep into the aquifer, not paying for all sand and gravel extracted

  Katherine Harrelson  Massachusetts

In 2015, cranberry company Decas sued Ryco Excavating for digging too deep into the aquifer to create a cranberry pond and not paying Decas for all of the material extracted and sold.

The town of Rochester actually enforced the Wetlands Protection Act in connection with this operation — unlike Plymouth and Carver who let these operations mine in wetlands without permits. Plymouth and Carver NEVER measure how deep the excavation goes and whether it is a legitimate “pond” for the cranberry operation or a ruse for a mining job. When Rochester measured it found a violation.

Decas was a locally owned and operated cranberry company. In 2021 it was sold to a multinational conglomerate based in Canada.

See the lawsuit here:

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