PRESS RELEASE: Carver Residents Fight for Safety at the Annual Town Meeting

  Aaron Keaton 


June 5, 2024


  • Residents urge voters to support their petition to require safety at the battery storage facility being built in the heart of Carver 
  • Concerns over evacuation plans, and response to potential emergencies at the facility  
  • Fire department and town officials dismiss residents concerns, opposing the petition

Carver Residents Advocate for Safety Measures Amidst Town Meeting Challenges

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, the Annual Carver Town Meeting was held at the Middle High School. Residents presented a citizens’ petition asking the town to adopt a general by-law that would require adequate safety measures to be put in place at the 150-megawatt lithium battery storage facility being built in the heart of Carver.

Residents voiced their support for the petition, emphasizing their concerns that the town had not provided adequate notice or information regarding emergency response plans for the facility. The facility is being built less than a mile away from the elementary school, raising many questions and concerns. This included questions on how they would get their children out of school, what evacuation routes would be used, and who would be responsible for cleaning up contamination left behind if an incident occurred. Despite efforts to have their concerns heard through their counsel, who sought representation at the meeting, residents faced challenges. The vote to allow non-residents to speak was narrowly defeated, leaving residents to present the petition on their own.

Public support rallied behind the petition, emphasizing the need for added security and peace of mind for Carver residents. However, the fire department and town officials opposed the petition, further heightening tensions. The fire department stated that they did not support the petition to require adequate safety measures, and not a single town official stood up for the residents who live next to this dangerous facility.

After lengthy discussion and public comment, the petition did not pass, and the final vote was 71 in favor and 91 opposed.

Despite the petition not passing, residents spoke up about their concerns, making themselves heard. The town and fire department had to defend themselves instead of this happening behind closed doors.

The fight for clean air, water, and community safety continues.

This is the third year that a citizens’ petition was on the town meeting warrant for clean air, water, and safety. With the odds against the residents, they worked extremely hard to combat the consolidated power that lies in the hands of a few in Carver and surrounding towns.

We are making a difference and we will continue to advocate for the well-being of our communities despite all odds. Onward.


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