Mass DEP refuses to stop environmental violations at 104 Tremont st. Carver, MA

  Meg Sheehan 

Breaking News: MAY 2024

On May 16th 2024, Mass DEP Judge denied the Ten Residents’ request for a cease and desist, refusing to stop environmental violations

  • Ten Residents Group asked Mass. DEP judge to enforce state Wetlands Protection Act to protect endangered species, wetlands, wildlife habitat and drinking water from owner EJ Pontiff’s 1.5 million cubic yard earth removal operation under the ruse of agriculture
  • The Carver Earth Removal Committee granted the permit for the massive new mine on February 21, 2024. EJ Pontiff initiated and continued work on-site, despite regulations prohibiting work during a wetlands appeal.

In a recent ruling, a Judge from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection sided with the sand mining company, dismissing the plea from Ten Residents for a cease and desist on May 16. When it comes to halting environmental infractions, Mass DEP relies on a broad discretion when deciding whether or not to stop environmental violations. Mass. DEP is allowing the mining to continue, causing vital habitat to be removed and destroyed. Our aquifer that provides us drinking water is increasingly being put at risk for contamination. This outcome has sparked criticism, with many expressing frustration over the failure of state agencies to fulfill their regulatory duties.

Despite the setback, the Ten Residents Group and the Community Water and Land Coalition remain steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding the environment, vowing to fight against industrial sand mining. The mission is clear: Protect, preserve, and steward the land and water resources of Southeastern Massachusetts.

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May 22nd In front of Federal Furnace Cranberry Co at 104 Tremont st. in Carver from 4pm – 6pm. 


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