Makepeace Asks Plymouth Taxpayers to Subsidize Its “Affordable” Housing Project

  Katherine Harrelson 

Makepeace is at it again: asking for public money to subsidize its private profit-making projects.

Tell the Planning Board to reject Makepeace’s demand for public money to pay for this project! Makepeace can build the project on its own dime! No taxpayer handouts!
Read this Letter in the Plymouth Independent from a Red Brook resident: Makepeace passes the buck to Plymouth taxpayers
Now, Makepeace is asking Plymouth taxpayers for a public handout to pay for the company’s LEGAL obligation to build affordable housing at Red Brook. Outrageously, in December 2023, by a vote of 5-2 the Plymouth Community Preservation Committee voted to GIVE Makepeace $ 4 million in public funds as a gift to Makepeace to build the apartments. This is NOT what the Town bargained for when the Planning Board gave Makepeace a permit to build 1,300 units at Red Brook in 2008. The Town changed the zoning for Makepeace so they could cram more units on each acre. Makepeace was supposed to pay for the affordable units as a condition of this special deal. Why are we not surprised? Getting public handouts – for its cranberry “agriculture”, sand and gravel mining scams, getting the state to pay for it to meet its conservation land protection obligations, and now subsidizing its private developments is the way Makepeace does business, all while trying to portray itself as “helping the community,” and “Inspired by Nature.” Tell the Planning Board to reject Makepeace’s request for a public handout from taxpayers. Vote no on giving Makepeace MORE public money.

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  1. You have got to be kidding!

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