Carver: Carver Concerned Citizens make strong showing at Annual Town Meeting 2023

  Katherine Harrelson  Agrovoltaics

CCC raised awareness about many issues, but did not get the votes to pass the citizen petitions (Articles 35-43)

Cranberry industry mounts opposition — why won’t it agree to stop industrial mining?

Assistant Fire Chief, whose boss is leasing the land to Cranberry Point for one of the world’s largest battery storage facilities (150 MW) ,promotes the project, compares the batteries to “cell phone batteries”

Fire department, police, and cranberry industry oppose warrant articles to improve the safety of battery storage — why?

Town strengthens some solar zoning bylaws

Watch these short CCC videos to learn more about the articles

2 Articles for Safer Battery Storage!

Ban lithium-ion battery storage over 10 megawatts by adding Section 9.9 to the Carver General Bylaws

Require lithium-ion battery storage to be safer: if over 10 megawatts to get a permit, have an Emergency Operation Plan that complies with National Fire Protection Standards, and be subject to permit enforcement by adding Section 9.9.1 to 9.9.7 to the Carver General Bylaws.

4 Articles for Safer Industrial Solar

Limit Large Ground Mounted Solar & Battery Storage to Certain Zoning Districts by amending the Use Table, Zoning Bylaw Section 2230

Setbacks from homes: Restore the 200 set back and buffer zones between residential large ground mounted solar. In 2018, Carver weakened the Bylaw to allow industrial solar and batteries within 50 feet of homes. This gives us back the 200 foot protection zone.

Moratorium on Dual Use and Floating Solar on Cranberry Bogs: Put an 11.5 month moratorium on construction of “Dual Use” solar on cranberry bogs and Floating Solar

Limit tree clearing for solar, protect forests and drinking water

Tax Revenue: audit “Chapter 61A” properties to make sure large landowners are paying their fair share of real estate taxes

Open Government: protect the public’s rights to full democratic participation in local government

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