Carver: Cranberry Point Battery Storage: MEPA state environmental review

  CLwpBS  battery bomb

MEPA RUBBER STAMPS Cranberry Point environmental report. See the Certificate here.

CLWC MEPA comments here and exhibits here

Carver Concerned Citizens MEPA comments here

Cranberry Point requires Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) review: read more here

MEPA is not a permit, but a study of alternatives that requires a developer to minimize and mitigate environmental damage from their project

Here is the state’s MEPA site for Cranberry Point

Read about the MEPA law here.

Community Land & Water Coalition and Carver Concerned Citizens October 13, 2022 press release on Cranberry Point:

There are steps in the process:

An “Environmental Notification Form” (ENF)

Then a “Draft Environmental Impact Report” the public gets to comment on, and a “Supplemental Environmental Impact Report” (SEIR). The SEIR for Cranberry Point is here.

Finally, a “Final Environmental Impact Report” (FEIR) that is usually just a rubber stamp.

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