Carver by-laws: Chapter 9: Environment, Earth Removal

  CLwpBS  Carver

The Town of Carver, General Bylaw, Chapter 9 governs “earth removal” in the Town. It establishes the Earth Removal Committee which has the responsibility to implement the law for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

The Earth Removal Bylaw requires an earth removal permit to remove sand and gravel from a parcel of land. There are four exemptions for activities that do not need a permit. A permit is issued for one year. After one year the permittee must show they are in compliance with the permit. Then it can be renewed for another year. No permit can be extended beyond five years without a public hearing and notice to abutters.

The Earth Removal Committee must issue permits that comply with all the conditions including payment of fees. The Earth Removal Committee must enforce the Bylaw when it is notified of violations.

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