Town of Carver

Off Meadow Street, Carver. Sand and gravel mining operation dredging in the Aquifer. The 12 year mining operation claims this is “cranberry agriculture.”

Carver is a small town located west of Plymouth and connected by state highway Route 44. Carver calls itself “Cranberry Country USA.” About half the town is wetlands. The population is about 12,000.

It is located in the Plymouth Carver Aquifer. All residents rely on wells that get water from the Aquifer, except for residents served by the North Carver Water District. The District was set up to get water from Middleboro because the North Carver Landfill is a hazardous waste site that has contaminated a portion of the underground drinking water aquifer. Carver is part of a national lawsuit suing corporations over PFAS contamination of drinking water.

Issues in Carver impacting our groundwater and community:

  • Uncontrolled and unregulated sand and gravel mining : a least 37 mining sites over 37 square miles
  • More sand and gravel mining projects proposed (A.D. Makepeace Cranberry Co., E.J. Pontiff Cranberry Co.)
  • Industrial solar projects – at least 19 with more planned
  • Cranberry Point Battery Storage Facility: 150 megawatt facility in residential neighborhood
  • Residential well contamination from North Carver Landfill
  • Plymouth Municipal Airport Expansion on South Meadow Road

The public is raising issues of transparency and accountability in Town government. The state Office of Inspector General is investigating the Town’s Earth Removal Committee. The Select Board is responsible for appoint the ERC members and the Conservation Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.